(231) 929-8989
1200 W 11TH ST, TRAVERSE CITY, MI For Directions using GPS please use
830 Cottageview Dr. address (231) 929-8989
  • Sun | Mon | Wed | Thurs – 3PM-7PM
  • Friday & Saturday – 3PM – 10PM
  • Sun | Mon | Wed | Thurs – 5PM – 9PM *RESERVATION ONLY*
  • Friday & Saturday – 5PM – 10PM *RESERVATION ONLY*

Click HERE to use our online ordering system to order food for curbside delivery or to enjoy at one of our outdoor tables in the Southview Glade just outside our back door. We have beer and wine by the bottle to go, which you are welcome to enjoy in that designated area. We will soon be able to serve cocktails to go as well! Stay tuned…

WALK-INS: Our dining room, including the bar area, is strictly reservation only. We ask that guests wishing to dine with us last minute call ahead and refrain from walking in. Cancellations happen every evening and if we have a table, we will reserve it for you.

PARTY SIZE: We are currently accepting reservations for parties of ten or fewer. Please include all children in your guest count and let us know if you need a car seat sling, highchair or booster. If you have a larger party, please call and ask to speak with a manager.

CANCELLATIONS: There is no line out the door or guests crammed into bar seats that will happily fill dining tables abandoned by guests without the courtesy of calling us in advance. If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible. A lot of hard-working people are counting on you.

Due to an overwhelming number of no-shows and late cancellations, we are now requiring a credit card to reserve a table. Cancellations will be accepted until noon on the day of your reservation. Parties of one to four will be charged $100. Parties of five or six will be charged $175. Parties of seven or larger will be charged $250.

WE LIKE HANGING OUT TOO! It is truly our pleasure to accommodate you for as long as you care to remain and appreciate you enabling us to do the same for others. Due to social distancing requirements, our flexibility to move tables to adjust for parties that linger beyond the standard two hours (2½ for larger parties) is significantly reduced. Please enable us to plan ahead by letting us know if you require additional time. We are happy to give it to you.

All guests are asked to use the accessible entrance through the building off of the courtyard parking lot. The bar side entrance by our main stand-alone sign is for our curbside runners and the cutout reserved fur curbside guests. Please click here for a map.

We kindly ask that all guests place a mask over both nose and mouth prior to entering Building 50 and wear it properly any time not physically seated at the table. In other words, before standing up to use the restroom or exit the building, please replace masks.

For more information on our safety practices and a list of other Michigan restaurants who are putting safety before sales click HERE.