Trattoria Stella
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We are proud to have a longstanding team of managers, service and culinary staff whose dedication and expertise form the backbone of our operations.

Our Management Team

Amanda is proud of her dedicated managers who uphold the excellent standards at Stella day to day so she can focus on the business, continually improving the work environment, enhancing compensation and benefits, and supporting professional development and financial security for the whole team. Amanda is also committed to elevating the Michigan grape and wine industry through her non-profit, Intentional Agriculture, which in partnership with Michigan State University AgBioResearch and MSU Extension, hosts the annual Dirt to Glass™ conference in Traverse City.

Amanda Danielson

Partner | Advanced Sommelier | 2004


Having been a pioneer in Michigan for farm-to-table and nose-to-tail, Myles continues his focus on creating daily menus based on our whole animal butchery program and as much produce as possible from local farm sources. Leaving the kitchen in the hands of his strong culinary team, Myles enjoys frequent solo travels throughout Europe, which inspire his on-going culinary innovation that remains deeply rooted in the old-world tradition. Myles also dedicates time and expertise to prepare meals for Goodwill Industries and other local nonprofits throughout the year.  

Myles Anton

Partner | Executive Chef | 2004


Abigail ran the door in the early years at Trattoria Stella until we threatened to fire her unless she found a new job within the restaurant. Her masterful management of the door–the hardest position in many respects–coupled with some time behind the bar set Abbie up to be a gifted manager, first at The Franklin, and now as the General Manager of Trattoria Stella. Abigail’s attention to detail while maintaining a clear view of the whole has maintained an environment of collaboration among the management team and unprecedented lack of turnover on the staff. 

Abigail Steffens-Petrova

General Manager | 2005


Sarah’s duties go far beyond managing the books and making sure the bills get paid. She is lightening fast at getting to the bottom of administrative issues and what sometimes seems like forensic accounting. This has earned her the nickname ‘Flash’ among the management team. She is infinitely patient with many of the technical functions that make most people go cross-eyed and scrutinizes our expenses to ensure we stay financially healthy while still making investments in our staff and facility. Her future thinking and business sense will help direct any foundational changes that will support our growth in the next twenty years.

Sarah Bielman 

Business Manager | 2004


There have been two beverage professionals ‘deputized’ by the women they work for as a declaration that ‘assistant’ just doesn’t reflect the level of knowledge, skill and organization required to administer an ambitious beverage program. Kristen has beyond earned the title of Deputy Beverage Director joining Amanda’s old Detroit friend and colleague who supported their mentor, Madeline Triffon, in the same role. Beyond simply counting the inventory and placing the orders, Kristen’s intuition and business acumen has maintained the integrity and growth of the program while enabling Amanda to go farther afield building relationships and developing projects that will help define the next 20 years of Trattoria Stella.

Kristen Warba

Deputy Beverage Director | 2017


Also known as Special Ops, Elise is the only person who can literally work any position in the restaurant. Fortunately, she maintains her focus in the back of the house leading production on our house made items including, but not limited to, fresh pastas, desserts, and burrata. Her organization of all the other necessary back of the house functions, general kitchen management while Myles is traveling, and coordinating food for off-site and special in-house events further solidifies Elise as Chef Indispensable.  

Elise Curtis-Dull

Chef de Cuisine | 2007


Still waters run deep is indeed the case with our Executive Sous Chef, Austin. Beneath his steadfast leadership on the line, executing an ever-changing menu with aplomb, Austin has a complex nature and impressive skill set in and out of work. His consistency both when cooking and directing the team in the kitchen is valuable beyond measure and his observations and insight about the operation as a whole contribute to the positive bond between the front and back of house, ensuring we are always one team. Austin is talented and trusted and without his depth of knowledge and focus, Chef Myles would not have the opportunity to travel and seek inspiration knowing that whatever he returns with, Austin and the team will support him in making it a reality for our guests.

Austin Lowe

Executive Sous Chef | 2017


If you don’t first see her bright smile, you may recognize Gina by her genuine and infectious laugh. She puts her positivity and love for fun into her work as our Employee Engagement Manager. Gina makes sure that every team member receives recognition for their good work and naturally on their birthdays. Her contributions to creating and maintaining a healthy, happy and cooperative work environment are immeasurable; and she works hard to encourage the health and wellbeing of our team in and out of the restaurant by managing our growing wellness program. 

Gina Jidas 

Employee Engagement Manager | 2015


Jane of all trades, mistress of all she tackles–that is Shanna when it comes to ensuring that critical elements necessary to the seamless operation of the restaurant are done and done well. Behind the scenes, she monitors and keeps up inventory of smallwares, dry goods, uniforms, and pretty much everything outside of food and beverage. Shanna maintains the consistency and quality of our house made bar ingredients, which are fundamental to our cocktail program and selection of crafted alcohol free options. Her love and knowledge of everything that grows is put to work each spring and she is leading the charge to integrate our exterior pots and plants with the work being done at the Botanical Gardens focusing on Michigan native varieties.   

Shanna Tompkins 

Manager | Certified Sommelier | 2014


Evan G. may be one of the most positive and surprising young men we’ve had the opportunity to work with. He earned his chops and the role of sous chef through consistent, flawless execution of our menus no matter what station he worked in the kitchen. As a manager, his continual positive attitude, infectious smile and endless patience sets the tone for every shift. Evan’s musical knowledge and taste is multi-generational and he can always be counted on to pop up front and support any effort in any department to get the job done well. It is a privilege to have Evan on our team and a joy to walk in the kitchen when he is there. You never know what will be playing, but it’s always good.

Evan G

sous chef | 2018

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"We dined here the night of our wedding. Absolute excellent service. Food was more than we expected. Very romantic. Best glass of wine I've ever had. Also, one of the best meals we ever had. My husband talked about it for weeks. Look forward to dining here on our next trip to Traverse."

"Ive never had a more flavorful, decadent meal. Our waitress was an absolute delight. The place was beautiful. Absolutely delicious and amazing all around. I can't wait to come back!!"

"What can I say that hasn’t been said? Food and service is stellar, probably my favorite place to dine in the state of Michigan. The setting is unique and interesting but fabulous at the same time. Have never had a poor experience here, and hope Stella always will be a part of my trips to Traverse City."

"Amazing Overall Experience! The entire meal was an experience in complex textures, and flavors. It was such a pleasurable meal beginning with the excellent customer service and staff who had spot on recommendations and were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the food to the atmosphere and ambiance of the location and subtle lighting."

Trattoria Stella
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