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1 dicembre 2023, La Morra, Province of Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy

Writing from Italy, about two-thirds through my annual visit at the start of each holiday season, I
feel compelled to share gratitude and joy. In the realm of hospitality, relationships based on trust
are paramount. This is true between Trattoria Stella and our guests; between ‘the business’ and
those who work within it; and between us and the producers and farmers we represent on our

The mutual trust required to maintain what is more than just a restaurant overtakes me
sometimes. It is an honor to be in my position and a privilege to work with people who
wholeheartedly embrace our cherished restaurant. Their unwavering dedication and boundless
passion have paved the way for us to grow more significantly together. I deeply trust the
managers, who have evolved into seasoned professionals, to be the caretakers of the Stella
experience and our 20-year legacy. In turn, they trust me to work on rather than in our business
to develop on-going training in the complexities of our food, beverage and hospitality offerings
as well as crafting a benefits package that will provide a measure of professional and financial
security despite the disproportionate cost and effort required on the part of small businesses.

I have been able to travel to Italy at least once a year for the last three, immersing myself in the
intricacies of the regions and wineries that have been in our program over the last twenty years.
I have formed lasting friendships with producers from around the world. It is a depth of
experience made possible by the strength and commitment of my team at Trattoria Stella.

Our beverage list stands as a testament to this remarkable journey – a thoughtfully curated
collection of wonderful beverages from across the globe, each having its own distinctive
expression while rooted in tradition. These are not mere products; they are stories, meticulously
crafted with intention by friends with whom we share a deep respect.

As we draw closer to the new year and our actual twentieth anniversary, I will continue to recap
the work we have done to encapsulate the last twenty years and how we continue to nurture the
roots that will support our position in the community for a future as bright as a star.

Trattoria Stella
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