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A New Chapter: Trattoria Stella at Twenty Years and Beyond

Greetings. I am Amanda Danielson, the co-proprietor of Trattoria Stella with Executive Chef
Myles Anton. As we approach our 20th anniversary, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable
journey that has led us to this point. We began as the first business in the redevelopment of t
old state hospital, now known as Grand Traverse Commons, and have worked hard to remain
an indispensable and authentic member of this flourishing community.

To enhance our connection with our guests and employees, past, present and future, and foster
deeper engagement, I am delighted to announce the initiation of our new blog: [BLOG NAME].
Through this medium, I will share insights gleaned from two decades in the hospitality industry,
celebrate our exceptional team, and highlight the vibrant community which Trattoria Stella exists
to serve.

Engaging with the community is at the heart of our operations at Trattoria Stella. Our journey
has been intertwined with the narrative of the Grand Traverse Commons, and we’ve been
privileged to witness and contribute to its transformation. This blog aims to be another platform
to foster that connection, a place where we can share the stories that make this community so
special. We believe in the power of community, and that meaningful communication will ensure
Trattoria Stella remains a relevant and thriving part of the local narrative.

One of the most notable aspects of Trattoria Stella is our remarkably low turnover rate. We are
proud to have a longstanding team of managers, service and culinary staff whose dedication
and expertise form the backbone of our operations. It is their unwavering commitment that has
allowed me to branch out and work on significant events for the grape and wine industry, such
as the City of Riesling, co-founded with Sean O’Keefe of Mari Vineyards in 2014, and Dirt to
Glass™, in partnership with Michigan State University AgBioResearch and MSU Extension,
dedicated to viticulture education and advocacy.

Through this blog, I will delve into topics ranging from the challenges and triumphs of running a
restaurant to explorations into local vineyards and wineries, discussions on global wine trends,
and education in the grape and wine industry. Myles and I will collaborate on creating
compelling content that highlights our farms, our food, and the special events that
commemorate the relationships we have built locally and globally over the past two decades.
My intention is to create accessible content, offering a unique and seasoned perspective.

Furthermore, I am thrilled to express my gratitude towards our exceptional team. The individuals
who diligently maintain the standards our guests have come to expect are the true essence of
Trattoria Stella, and I take great pleasure in showcasing their remarkable stories and invaluable
contributions. Their unwavering commitment to our community and each other have played a
pivotal role in our achievements and enduring presence.

As we prepare to celebrate two decades of Trattoria Stella, I invite you to join us in the spirit of
connection and community. Please reach out with requests, or inquiries you may have. Your engagement will undoubtedly enrich this endeavor. Here’s to embarking on this new chapter of
our story.

Trattoria Stella
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